Poppy display

If you have ever visited the commemorative poppy display at the Tower of London you will know how spectacular they looked, but they also allowed individuals to reflect and remember relatives who may have fought in one of the wars.

Several churches have also organised their own displays which are on a much smaller scale but are also a poignant reminder of all the lives that were lost in two world wars and more recent wars.

This year we would like to do our own poppy display. We have started late so we need all the help we can get. There will be poppy patterns at the back of the church for both knitting and crocheting. You can either knit a black centre or sew a black button on the centre. Each poppy takes around an hour to make, and if you are able please do help. Every poppy knitted will be welcome. There are members of the Palmers Green community who are also interested have also offered to make poppies.

There will be a poppy collection point at the back of the church and nearer to November we will display what poppies we have. Let’s see how we go, and if we can start a display this year, this can also be added to next year and even the year after.


A popular pattern shared online is the following:

Cast on 60 sts using 4mm needles and DK red yarn. Rows 1-8 (K2, P2)to end.
Row 9 (K2tog) to end. [30 sts]
Row 10 (slip 2 together, knit 1, pass slipped stitches over) to end. [10 sts]
Break off yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread tail through
remaining 10 sts and pull tight, then fasten off yarn.
Join the edges of the poppy together and sew the black button in the centre of the poppy.