Bible Study Groups

Adult Lent Bible Study

We are rapidly approaching the season of Lent, a time for looking at ourselves, at what we are rather than at what we do; a time to allow God to change us into what He wants us to be. To be specific, I hope there are two aspects of our lives that we consider: Firstly our working with other people rather than on our own, and secondly, on allowing ourselves to be shaped by the Word of God, rather than following some supposedly Christian self-help manual. There will be an opportunity this Lent to follow a Lent Study course with a group of people in the vicarage. We shall focus our reflections on the words from the Bible and the film The King’s Speech. Let them re-form us this Lent, changing what we are and therefore transforming what we do. Then, let’s do the things we always do with greater confidence that these are not our good works, but God’s, and that what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Christ Jesus as Lord, with us serving the community in his name. (Yes, you are supposed to hear echoes of 2 Corinthians 45!)

Lent Study course dates:
Tuesday 12 March
Tuesday 19 March
Tuesday 26 March
Tuesday 2 April
Tuesday 9 April
Tuesday 16 April.

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“So What?” Youth Bible Studies

So what…

…does the Bible say?

Young people have questions. God’s Word has answers. That’s why Scripture is the heart of each session. The young people who attend will examine what the Bible says, learn what it means, and see how it relates to their lives.

…questions does the Bible answer?

A good question has remarkable power to stimulate and engage critical thinking skills. Each session of So What? zeros in on one question and one answer, allowing people to focus on the truth in Scripture.

…what difference does it make?

Young people are asking, ‘How does the Bible apply to my life? How can I live out what I believe? So what difference does faith in Christ make?’

The question “So What?” captures in a nutshell this study groups primary purpose: that God the Holy Spirit will work through the study of his Word to bring about a person’s ownership of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Those aged 7 to 16 are invited to join us for Bible Study on the 2nd Sunday of each month at St John the Evangelist Parish Centre, Palmers Green from 4pm to 5pm.